Manufacturer restriction does not allow retailers to be able to sell the Wilson Glove of the Month (GOTM) program online.  Please contact our dedicated staff via email at to check availability of your desired glove.  These gloves may only be sold to Canadian Residence.
Wilson A2000 MSRP : $429.99
Wilson A2K: MSRP : $529.99
The Glove of the Month (GOTM) program is incredibly limited and we will do our best to delete the offerings as we sell out of the available stock.

March 2023 - 11.75"

CUSTOM A2000 1975

Go bananas for this A2000® 1975, the March Glove of the Month. This 11.75" infield pattern boasts Wilson Yellow, Navy Blue and Neon Green Pro Stock® Leather to celebrate the Savannah Bananas’ bold brand of baseball.


  • Custom A2000 1975
  • 11.75”
  • H-Web
  • Yellow Pro Stock® Leather
  • Savannah Bananas™ Gradient Logos

February 2023 - 11.75"

CUSTOM A2000 1787

Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with a Flamingo Pink A2000® 1787, the February GOTM. Gradient Bold Logos fade from red to white, and this 11.75" infield glove features a shallow pocket for easy transfers.


  • Custom A2000 1787
  • 11.75”
  • H-Web
  • Flamingo Pink Pro Stock® Leather
  • Red to White Gradient Logos

January 2023 - 11.75"

CUSTOM A2000® D33

Buttery soft, the January GOTM features buffed Coal Pro Stock® Leather to create a rich surface texture. This 11.75" A2000® D33 baseball glove offers a deep, D-shaped pocket, ideal for pitchers who play multiple position.



  • Custom A2000® D33
  • 11.75”
  • Pro Laced Web
  • Buffed Coal Pro Stock® Leather
  • Green and Gold Outlined Bold Logos

December 2022 - 11.5"

A2K® 1786

Step up to the front lines with December’s GOTM. This A2K® 1786 pairs scarcely seen Military Olive Green Pro Stock® Select leather with Coal SnakeSkin™ leather finger panels. A shallow pocket and iconic H-Web allow for quick transfers and sure outs on the infield.


  • Custom A2K 1786
  • 11.5”
  • H-Web
  • Military Olive Green Pro Stock® Select Leather
  • Black Logos with Gold Outlines

November 2022 - 11.75"

11.75" A2000® 1975

Velvety smooth. November’s GOTM takes Brick Red Pro Stock® Leather players love and buffs the surface to create a rich, soft finish. Fashioned with Metallic Gold binding and dual welting, this 11.75" A2000® 1975 brings a whole new definition to flashing the leather.


  • Custom A2000 1975
  • 11.75”
  • H-Web
  • Buffed Brick Red Pro Stock® Leather
  • Metallic Gold Outlined Logos

October 2023 - 33"


Opposing baserunners won’t even see it coming. Thwart stolen base attempts with October’s GOTM, an A2000® CM33SS with Black and White camouflage SuperSnakeSkin™ to reduce glove weight and improve durability. This mitt’s deep pocket, Blonde Pro Stock® Leather and Half-Moon Web help backstops frame every pitch on the black.


  • Custom A2000 CM33
  • 33"
  • Half-Moon Web
  • Blonde and White Camouflage SuperSnakeSkin™ with Blonde SuperSkin™ and Black accents
  • Blonde Bold Logos with Black outlines

September 2022 - 11.5"


Lock down the infield dirt. September’s GOTM, the 11.5" A2000® DP15, features Pedroia Fit,™ shorter finger stalls and a narrower wrist opening designed to benefit players with smaller hands. Sky Blue and Brick Red Pro Stock® Leather makes this 11.5" pattern the star of the infield and its shallow pocket and H-Web make it easy to turn quick transfers.


  • Custom A2000 DP15
  • 11.5"
  • H-Web 
  • Sky Blue and Brick Red Pro Stock® Leather with White accents 
  • Sky Blue Bold Logos with White outlines

August 2022 - 11.75"


For the fans. Designed by Instagram user @baseballdeano and selected by the Wilson® ball glove team, this custom A2000 1787 features Vintage Tan Pro Stock® Leather with a splash of Sky Blue accents. At 11.75," August’s GOTM is engineered to handle backhands at the hot corner and quick turns at the keystone.


  • Custom A2000 1787
  • 11.75"
  • H-Web
  • Vintage Tan Pro Stock® Leather
  • Sky Blue and White Bold Logos and accents

July 2022 - 11.5"

CUSTOM A2000 1786

Red, White & Blue brilliance. Showcase America’s pastime in America’s national colors with July’s GOTM, an iconic A2000® 1786 with Royal Blue and White Pro Stock® Leather, Red laces and Gradient Bold Logos. At 11.5," this infield pattern is optimized to defend your home turf.


  • Custom A2000 1786
  • 11.5"
  • H-Web
  • Royal Blue Pro Stock® Leather and White SuperSkin™
  • Red, White, and Blue Gradient Bold Logos and accents

June 2022 - 11.75"


Heavy metal. June's GOTM, a Silver A2K® 1787, includes Brick Red laces and a Gunmetal wrist and power finger. White Bold Logos on Pro Stock® Select leather cap off this 11.75" design, the perfect pattern for holding down the infield.


  • Custom A2K 1787
  • 11.75"
  • H-Web
  • Silver and Gunmetal Grey Pro Stock® Select Leather
  • Red and White Bold Logos and accents

April 2022 - 12.75"

CUSTOM A2000 1799

Catch fly balls and everyone’s attention. Designed with finger panels that alternate between Blonde and Navy Blue Pro Stock® leather, this A2000 1799 makes a quick impression as April’s GOTM. The 12.75" pattern is built to reach any ball in the gap, and red laces bring some extra heat.


  • Custom A2000 1799
  • 12.75"
  • Dual Post Web
  • Blonde and Navy Pro Stock® Leather with Red and White accents 
  • Navy Bold Logos with White outlines

February 2022 - 12"


Play in color. Traditional Dark Brown Pro Stock® leather gets a splash of life with Yellow Gold laces and Teal binding and welting on this A2000 DW5, the February GOTM. Made for the hot corner, this 12"  pattern has the length and sturdy Dual Post Web that many third basemen prefer.


  • Custom A2000 DW5
  • 12"
  • Dual Post Web
  • Dark Brown Pro Stock® Leather with Yellow and Teal accents
  • Yellow and Teal Bold Logos and accents